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Therapeutic Massage 

For those looking to maintain wellness,  improve strength, athletic performance and/or mobility, have muscle or joint pains, tight muscles or "knots", headaches, acute or chronic pain. Our massages may include trigger point, myofascial, deep tissue, stretch, we will work with you at each session to address any issues or concerns at the time. 


Similar benefits as the deeper work yet through a lighter touch in general.  As with any massage, we listen to you and your body as we work, adjusting pressure as requested.


For those 12 weeks and further along in pregnancy 

Craniosacral/Myofascial Release:

Generally gentle  sustained pressure  to eliminate pain and restore motion by releasing myofascial connective tissue restrictions. TMJ treatment may include intra-oral work.




Cupping / Hot Stone:

Helps to eliminate/limit muscle tension, inflammation, pain, aids in reducing restless leg symptoms, increasing blood flow, comfortable deep tissue work. Great for athletes, as well as anyone looking to relieve tension, pain, and increase mobility.

*  Each therapeutic massage may include elements of Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Myofascial, Sports,Trigger Point and Swedish       

   Massage modalities. If you prefer a specific technique, feel free to discuss with us during intake as well as during the      

   massage. We encourage feedback to ensure you are receiving the massage that best fits your needs!

We offer 45, 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions for most modalities. Prices listed in scheduler.

* Call or email to schedule  the following service:

      2-hour Massage